Videos to help goat producers

By Country News on February 07, 2018
  • Videos to help goat producers

    A new series of best practice videos about the Australian goat meat industry have been released.

Meat & Livestock Australia has developed a new series of best practice videos about the Australian goat meat industry to help boost productivity in the sector.

The first video in the series focuses on fencing requirements for goats and features goat meat producers from across Queensland and NSW who manage a mix of enterprise types.

MLA goat industry project manager Julie Petty said the videos were produced in consultation with the Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA) and would be rolled out during the next 12 months to further add to MLA’s extension resources for goat meat producers.

‘‘The videos are designed to answer commonly asked questions from current and potential goat meat producers to help build their knowledge and skills to improve business performance, and to lift productivity,’’ Ms Petty said.

‘‘Topics covered in the series of videos include nutrition, profitability and target markets for goat meat producers.

‘‘They also include commentary on why producers recommend others get into the industry, how to make the transition and why it makes sense to move away from harvesting goats and into semi-managed herds.

‘‘To stabilise goat meat production in Australia and grow domestic and international markets, an increase in the number of goat meat producers and volume of turn-off is needed,’’ she said.

MLA’s extension services to goat meat producers have also been further boosted with the addition of an updated parasite control module in MLA’s Going into Goats (GiG) guide.

The online GiG guide has 12 modules that address different aspects of the goat production system and can be found at: https://

Updated versions of the Goat depots and Nutrition modules will also be uploaded in the coming weeks.

To view MLA’s goat fencing video, visit:

By Country News on February 07, 2018

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