Water Week Wonders

By Shelley Scoullar on June 30, 2017

Well what a week in water it has been!

With the ABC AM program covering Basin Plan issues all week you would be inclined to think that all is going along well with the Basin Plan and its implementation. Personally, I have found the coverage presented by the ABC quite  disappointing, with handpicked representation set up to benefit green ideologies. Interviews have been edited to misconstrue opinions, with many important points left out - but hey, common sense doesn’t make for good media! (And I’m speaking from personal experience, having participated in one of the interview sessions.)

Where was the coverage on the hypoxic blackwater events, carp breeding events, river erosion and slumping? Yes, that’s right there are negative impacts to the environment courtesy of the Basin Plan, which is forcing huge quantities of water down the system, only to see it   evaporate in the Lower Lakes or run out to sea. Unfortunately, picking up on those factors was not on the ABC’s agenda, nor is it reported by the MDBA or others who don’t want people to know about the Basin Plan’s adverse impacts on our environment.

What was left on the editing room floor is how passionate about our communities we are, how we want to see them thrive again, how proud we are of our community for hanging in there through a millennium drought and the continual criticism of being environmental vandals. Do the maths - we are the real greens. Why would we destroy our own backyards when our livelihoods depend on it? How great we are at providing clean green staples to the nation and the world, but this is in jeopardy thanks to a political agenda.

The one thing I would applaud, and you could have missed it if you blinked, was a final comment from a Griffith farmer commenting on the controversial 450GL of ‘upwater’, which we have been promised through legislation will not be recovered if there are an adverse social and economic consequences.

"You've got your pound of flesh, but you're not getting a drop of blood."

By Shelley Scoullar on June 30, 2017

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