Speak Up 4 Water joins Country News

By Shelley Scoullar on June 23, 2017

Speak Up was born in 2015 to educate people, both in our region and in the city, about   this wonderful part of the country – our food bowl.

Here in the Murray and Goulburn Valley we produce high quality food efficiently and we have an international reputation for being “clean and green”. 

Unfortunately, water reform and poor policy decisions are unnecessarily impacting on food and fibre production across the whole Murray Darling Basin, with the pain most greatly felt here in the Murray and Goulburn Valleys.

Australian agriculture has very strict guidelines on how we produce food to ensure we are among the highest quality producers in the world, which is something we should be proud of.

Our initial efforts were through social media, with a Facebook page created and on it we have had some really great stories  about local farmers and how they can give back to the community when they have the resources to be productive, as well as investing in their local environment and importantly paying more taxes.

The social media campaign has tried to explain the complicated issues around water and the Murray Darling Basin Plan at a basic level. It has been complemented by a broader media strategy that highlights issues around the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and its impact on our communities. Our goal is to help as many people as possible gain a better understanding of the importance of irrigated agriculture.

Speak Up 4 Water is very excited to be contributing to the Country News. We hope you enjoy our honest opinions and stories. Speak Up is about people, production, communities, the environment and how water is the key to vibrancy for all.

By Shelley Scoullar on June 23, 2017

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